God’s Glorious Story Colin Eakin

God’s Glorious Story
by Colin Eakin
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God has written a story. Ponder that thought for a moment. That is a startling statement. The God of the universe, the only one true God, has written a story, a comprehensive narrative of what has been, what is, and what will be. And not only has God written a story, but he wrote it to be read and understood by the highest form of his creation, his magnum opus--humans. He wrote his story so that every person he has made, every person on whom he has stamped His image, might comprehend and embrace it. That means he wrote his story with you in mind.

“If you ever wished for a single work whose design is to bring you up to speed in your understanding of Scripture...this is the book.”

John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church and Grace to You

"...a rich resource providing the Christian with a thorough knowledge of the narrative of Scripture...I highly commend this book.”

Stephen J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries

“this book...begins with a study of the Bible, then takes us through its key events: Creation, Fall, Israel, Christ, Church and Glory...with good depth that will assist anyone, from a young believer to the oldest pastor. I heartily recommend it to everyone.”

Dr. Tom Halstead, Dean, School of Biblical Studies, The Masters University




































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